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Terms and Conditions

Listing with TCA

Any Australian travel or tourism operator may list a bona fide competition on the Travel Competitions Australia website at www.travelcompetitionsaustralia.com.au.

By listing a competition with Travel Competitions Australia (hereafter referred to as 'TCA'), you agree to the following:

You are solely responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the information within your listing.

You own the copyright to all images, logos and information used within your listing, and/or you have permission to use said elements.

You are aware that you can email [email protected] at any time to make changes to your listing, but that once you pay for your listing you cannot edit it online.

You are aware of, and accept, that the listing may take up to two (2) business days to be approved and therefore go live, and that for best results you should list your competition before it officially begins.

TCA makes no guarantee as to a) the number of views or clicks your listing will receive, b) the number of views or clicks any status, tweet or newsletter mention made on your behalf will receive, c) the amount of time your listing will be visible on the homepage, or d) the overall general effectiveness of your listing.


Entering Competitions with TCA

TCA is thrilled that you are using this service to enter your travel competitions. Please note that by using this website you hereby agree to the following terms:

You are aware, and agree, that TCA is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any of the competitions it showcases, nor that of the websites you will end up at when you click the links within.

TCA is not responsible for the complete entry process - you are aware that you must leave TCA's website to enter a competition, and anything that happens after that is your responsibility.

TCA makes no guarantee that the Facebook status updates, tweets or newsletter information created is correct, valid or current. We work with what we're given!

If you do win a travel competition, TCA have nothing at all do to with this (although we'd love to hear about it). TCA has no control over the outcome of any competition and is not involved in the process, other than showcasing the competition on the TCA website, Facebook page, Twitter account and newsletter.

Any complaints about competitions should be directed to the companies running the competitions, not to TCA. However, if you have any problems using this website, please feel free to leave feedback by emailing [email protected]